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Depth of Field and Focus Stacking

Every photographer knows about “Depth of Field”. It’s the range, in front of the camera, where the resulting image will look sharp. The depth of field depends on the aperture of the camera lens – the smaller the aperture, the wider the depth of field. Up to a limit, when diffraction makes the photo unsharp ... Read more

Why the Canon 5DS is perfect for interactive panoramas

50.6 Megapixels! Who needs that? The critics seemed to love the announcement of the Canon 5DS, and the Canon 5DS R, as much as many photographers did. Of course the 5DS is a camera for a niche market. The image files are huge, so it’s not the right tool for fast action (where the Canon ... Read more

How a virtual tour helps a museum – the Canberra bomber

When you visit a museum, the last thing you want is a NO ACCESS sign or a barrier that prevents you from viewing an exhibit. And human nature being what it is, being told Don’t touch or Keep out often encourages you to do just the opposite. The Tangmere Military Aviation Museum has a rare ... Read more