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With our Interactive 360° Panoramas and Virtual Tours we can help your marketing and attract many new visitors.

An Interactive Panorama on your website will

  • attract many more and many new visitors
  • keep visitors engaged exploring the panorama
  • generate lots of shares on social media sites
  • build a positive image and a connection
  • provide metrics for you
  • generate conversions for you

Of course you can host our panoramas on your won web servers. Or you let us host them for you, as part of a complete solution:

  • is very easy and straightforward to implement
  • doesn't cost your bandwidth
  • is safe, running in a sandbox and using a HTTPS connection
  • it comes with service and maintenance, including updates

Interactive Panorama of a Lightning cockpit at the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum

An Interactive Panorama in your exhibition or museum

  • allows "access" to your exhibit without health and safety issues
  • answers many question your staff would otherwise have been asked
  • will be a magnet for your visitors
  • works well with inexpensive hardware
  • can be run safely without an internet connection


Every component in an interactive Panorama can be customized to fit perfectly into your website. It can

  • use your fonts
  • use your colour scheme for windows and text
  • embed your logo
  • use control element graphics that fit into your designs

Our complete solution

We offer the complete solution, from the initial planning to the finished product:

  • High resolution photography
  • Focus stacking for unlimited depth of field
  • Exposure bracketing to make even the darkest and the brightest areas clearly visible
  • Generation of optimized segment images made of many photos
  • Tripod removal
  • Generation of on huge image as the basis of a panorama
  • Conversion into a spherical panorama
  • Writing explanations and linking them to areas
  • Building the user interface
  • Adding sound and video (if available)
  • Generation of a web-ready solution
  • Localisation to one or many target languages

CDN storage for speed and security

Our panoramas and virtual tours can be hosted for you. The best solution we have found is storage on a content delivery network:

  • All files are replicated to 38 servers all over the world
  • Automatic selection of a server closest to the viewer can significantly reduce loading times
  • It's a fail-safe solution - should any server go down (it does happen), any of the other servers automatically take over, the panorama will just work

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