Harald Joergens Photography

The Women's Boat Race Season 2018:

Fixture OUWBC vs. Molesey BC

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River Thames between Putney and Mortlake

The second of two fixtures open for the press, the first one was CUWBC vs. University of London BC on February 17.

Unfortunately, none of the usual press launches was available, so we (the media) shared the umpire's launch with race umpire Sarah Winckless. Space was limited, standing on the catamaran meant a different angle, looking down on the boats, and most of the time someone was "in the way" doing their job, like steering a boat, or umpiring.

As a result. there are far less photos available, and, with the Molesey boat far easier to photograph than the Oxford one, there are less photos of OUWBC.

Clicking/tapping thesymbol below a photo shows, in Google Maps, the location of the camera when the photo was taken.

Harald Joergens

All the photos are available for licensing, as digital copies, and as fine art prints.
Only a fraction of the photos is shown on the website. Please ask for more.
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