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The Women's Boat Race Season 2018:

Fixture OUWBC vs. Molesey BC

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River Thames between Putney and Mortlake

The second of two fixtures open for the press, the first one was CUWBC vs. University of London BC on February 17.

Unfortunately, none of the usual press launches was available, so we (the media) shared the umpire's launch with race umpire Sarah Winckless. Space was limited, standing on the catamaran meant a different angle, looking down on the boats, and most of the time someone was "in the way" doing their job, like steering a boat, or umpiring.

As a result. there are far less photos available, and, with the Molesey boat far easier to photograph than the Oxford one, there are less photos of OUWBC.

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Harald Joergens

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    Bow - Renée Koolschijn (Keble)
    2 - Katherine Erickson (Wolfson)
    3 - Juliette Perry (Somerville)
    4 - Alice Roberts (St Edmund Hall)
    5 - Morgan McGovern (St Catherine's)
    6 - Sara Kushma (Christ Church)
    7 - Abigail Killen (St Cross)
    Stroke - Beth Bridgman (St Hugh's)
    Cox - Jessica Buck (Green Templeton)

    Molesey BC

    Bow - Emma Boyns
    2 - Lucy Primmer
    3 - Gabby Rodriguez
    4 - Claire McKeown
    5 - Ruth Whyman
    6 - Molly Harding
    7 - Emma McDonald
    Stroke - Katie Bartlett
    Cox - Ella Taylor

    Missing from the full line up were Beccy Girling (GB Camp in Spain) and Rebecca Edwards (injured).

  • Race report: OUWBC vs Molesey

    OUWBC today took on Molesey in the last of their fixtures ahead of The Cancer Research Boat Race on March 24th. Sarah Winckless took charge of a single piece from the Start to Chiswick Steps, with Molesey winning the toss and choosing the Surrey Station.

    In a crew unchanged from the line-up formally announced on Monday, Oxford managed to gain an advantage off the start despite Molesey getting through the opening strokes quicker. Oxford’s stronger strokes gave them a lead of approximately three seats as the crews passed the boathouses. By the time the crews hit their racing rhythms at the Town Buoy, Oxford were still moving further ahead whilst underrating their opponents and looking to make good use of the upcoming bend to Middlesex.

    As the race moved around the first bend, Oxford took a firm grip of the race and moved out to a full length, working hard to gain an open water lead and end any hope of a Molesey victory. The Oxford rhythm remained strong and with encouragement from first-time Head Coach Andy Nelder, they continued to extend their lead passing the Milepost and Harrod’s Depository. By Hammersmith Bridge, the advantage of the Surrey station was lost for Molesey and Oxford led by 3 lengths with the best of the stream.

    Once at St. Paul’s a light headwind faced the crews, but neither boat seemed affected. Oxford continued to move away from Molesey and secure a victory at Chiswick Steps by approximately 5 lengths. Sarah Winckless had little to do once the fixture had passed the Milepost, but Oxford can take confidence from a good win ahead of their main event in a little under three weeks.

    Text with kind permission by The Boat Race Company

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