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Coming up:
Virtual Tour of PBY Consolidated Catalina PBY-5A (Duxford)
BCN 24 hour Marathon Challenge 2014

Latest additions:
Thames Barge Driving Race 2014 (TOW Barge Driving race) (work in progress)
Trooping the Colour 2014
Beating Retreat 2014
The Colonel's Review 2014
Interactive panorama of Salford Junction (Birmingham Canal Navigations)
Interactive panorama of Hawne Basin (Dudley No 2 Canal)
Interactive panorama of an Oxford Canal lock
Interactive panorama of an Oxford Canal lift bridge
Henley Boat Races and the Newton Women's Boat Race 2014
Henley Boat Races Challenge 2014
The Boat Race Crew Announcement and Weigh In
The Boat Race fixture OUBC vs German U23
Women's Boat Race fixture CUWBC vs Thames RC
Women's Boat Race fixture OUWBC vs Molesey BC
Interactive panorama of English Electric Lightning F.53 Fighter Jet
Women's Boat Race Trial VIIIs
British Military Tournament 2013
March Past at the Cenotaph, Remembrance Sunday 2013, London
Remembrance Sunday 2013 at the Cenotaph, London
The Lord Mayor's Show 2013
Dallas Burston Polo Club "Polo in the Park" 2013
The Thames Barge Driving Race Image Library (TOW Barge Driving race)
Henley Royal Regatta 2013 Image Library
Light Cavalry Artillery Company Annual Review and Inspection Image Library
BCN Marathon Challenge 2013 Image Library

"Quintessentially British" - the events photo libraries

Trooping the Colour, The Lord Mayor’s Show, The Boat Race, Henley Royal Regatta, The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant - these are the classic quintessentially British events that are watched live on television by millions of people in hundreds of countries around the world. Events the international press is writing about, events attended by photographers, reporters and camera teams from all continents.

Photographing these splendid events has, for many years, been a dream of a German photographer - Harald Joergens. In 2009, this dream came true for the first time and it has continued to come true every year since.

The photo libraries below contain thousands of photographs, are free to view and and available to purchase as digital images or fine art prints.

The photographer

A native German who lives in the UK and loves it! And of course he very much loves all these quintessentially British events too! To find out more about him please click here.

Fine Art Printing

Today’s display technology and internet speeds make watching photos on the web great fun. Today’s printing technology produces a unique level of quality that beats any computer display. Creating beautiful Fine Art Prints is, for this photographer, as enjoyable as shooting the great British events.

Specialist photography

The unlimited depth-of-field product photography is very different to the grand British outdoor events. It’s mostly indoor, much more technical and very much relies on fast computers, precision and detailed specialist knowledge. A line of work that might be called "Quintessentially German"!

The blog

Information about upcoming events, about events in the past and, time permitting, about photography hardware and software, can be found in the blog.