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Claas Lexion 650 Combine Harvester Cabin Interactive Panorama

Claas Lexion 650 Combine Harvester during the photography work for an interactive panorama of the cabin

This panorama has been created to demonstrate how interactive panoramas can be used for agricultural machinery as an entertaining and intuitive tool for marketing and customer training.

The cabin shown here is that of a Claas combine harvester, it could have been any other cabin of a high-tech machine.

Press the two Engine Start button to fire up the engine!

Equipment used:

  • Canon 5D Mark II with Really Right Stuff L-Plate
  • Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM lens
  • Really Right Stuff BH-55 ball head and Multi-Row Pano Elements Package
  • Really Right Stuff carbon fibre monopod with MH-01 Pro momopod head for nadir shots
  • Notebook computer with remote camera control software

How it was done: All photography has been done with the camera remotely controlled via a laptop computer.

To have every detail in focus, from the closest to the lens to the furthest (almost infinite), focus stacking has been used. All photography has been done with available light only, using exposure bracketing. The combination of focus stacking and exposure bracketing means a large number of photos: The cockpit section is based on around 550 21-megapixel RAW images,

The resulting photos have been processed using focus stacking software. The resulting images have been edited, then stitched together, edited again, and then turned into a spherical panorama.

Technical information:
This interactive panorama exists in two different versions: If HTML5 is supported by the browser, the HTML5 version will be used. In case HTML5 is not supported, and the Adobe Flash player is installed, the Flash vesrion will be usd.

The combine harvester:
This panorama shows the cabin of a Claas Lexion 650.

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