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The Cancer Research UK Women's Boat Race 2018 Image Library

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River Thames between Putney and Mortlake

It was a difficult event to photograph - low light, not the best press boat for capturing the race, the umpire's launch blocking the view to the boats for long periods, and a very long distance away from the action.

Trying to make the best of what I've got!

Harald Joergens

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  • Blue Boats


    Bow - Renée Koolschijn (Keble)
    2 - Katherine Erickson (Wolfson)
    3 - Juliette Perry (Somerville)
    4 - Alice Roberts (St Edmund Hall)
    5 - Morgan McGovern (St Catherine's)
    6 - Sara Kushma (Christ Church)
    7 - Abigail Killen (St Cross)
    Stroke - Beth Bridgman (St Hugh's)
    Cox - Jessica Buck (Green Templeton)


    Bow - Tricia Smith (Christ's)
    2 - Imogen Grant (Trinity)
    3 - Kelsey Barolak (Homerton)
    4 - Thea Zabell (Downing)
    5 - Paula Wesselmann (Jesus)
    6 - Alice White (Homerton)
    7 - Myriam Goudet-Boukhatmi (Lucy Cavendish)
    Stroke - Olivia Coffey (Homerton)
    Cox - Sophie Shapter (St. Catharine’s)

    Reserve boats

    Osiris (Oxford)

    Bow - Matlida Edwards (St Anne's)
    2 - Laura Depner (St Cross)
    3 - Madeline Goss (Jesus)
    4 - Rachel Anderson (St Cross)
    5 - Sarah Payne Riches (Linacre)
    6 - Sanja Brolih (Green Templeton)
    7 - Olivia Pryer (St Edmund Hall)
    Stroke - Anna Murgatroyd (Christ Church)
    Cox - Eleanor Shearer (Nuffield)

    Blondie (Cambridge)

    Bow - Pippa Dakin (Newnham)
    2 - Emma Andrews (Pembroke)
    3 - Anne Beenken (Darwin)
    4 - Laura Foster (Queens')
    5 - Daphne Martschenko (Magdalene)
    6 - Larkin Sayre (Wolfson)
    7 - Lucy Pike (Trinity Hall)
    Stroke - Millie Perrin (Trinity)
    Cox - Sophie Wrixon (Darwin)

  • Blue Boats:

    Cambridge Win The Cancer Research UK Women’s Boat Race 2018

    Pre-race favourites Cambridge made good on their status to utterly dominate The Cancer Research UK Women’s Boat Race 2018.

    Umpire Sir Matthew Pinsent dropped his red flag and the crews set off into their high-rate starts. Oxford, wary of their issues from last year, were a little cautious and Cambridge took full advantage, stretching out to half a length after 20 strokes.

    Coming along the Putney boathouses, the Light Blues were already straining against the leash to break contact. They held this advantage as the crews settled into their race rhythms. Despite the bend in Oxford’s favour on the Middlesex side of the river, Cambridge’s livelier race rhythm help them to extend their lead to over a length going past the mile post point in a time of 4:06. Now Cambridge had the freedom to choose which line to take.

    Cambridge continued to build on their lead and were 3 lengths up coming underneath Hammersmith Bridge. It was clear by this stage that it would take a monumental effort for Oxford to recover the deficit

    Oxford cox Jessica Buck tried her best to limit the lead that Cambridge had by trying to take a shorter line on the inside of the Surrey bend. However, the Light Blues continued to move away and began to build for the finish line underneath Barnes Bridge with a lead of 6 lengths. Cambridge’s time to Barnes Bridge was 15:47, 25 seconds off the record set by last year’s crew.

    Keeping their foot on the gas, Cambridge powered to victory to take victory in the 73rd Women’s Boat Race by a verdict of seven lengths

    Text with kind permission by The Boat Race Company

    Reserve boats:

    Blondie Emerge Triumphant in Women’s Reserve Race

    Both crews got off to a strong start. Blondie led through the mile post with a time of 4:12, six seconds ahead of Osiris.

    Blondie continued to pull away, passing under Hammersmith Bridge with a time of 7:38; Osiris followed 12 seconds after.

    Going past Chiswick steps Blondie held onto their lead with a time of 12:02. Osiris went past the steps with a time of 12:19. Blondie gained clear water before Barnes Bridge and were 23 seconds clear of Osiris going under Barnes Bridge with a time of 16:18. Blondie built on their lead, gaining continually on Osiris.

    Blondie finished in a time of 19:45, 9 lengths ahead of Osiris who finished in a time of 20:12. This was Blondie’s second win in a row for the first time since 1998.

    Text with kind permission by The Boat Race Company

  • CUWBC Trial Eights (December 5, 2017)
    OUWBC Trial Eights (January 21, 2018)

    Fixture CUWBC vs University of London BC (February 17, 2018)
    Fixture OUWBC vs Molesey BC (March 4, 2018)

    The Cancer Research Women's Boat Race (March 24, 2018)