Harald Joergens Photography

The 2016 Women's Boat Race

for the second time on the tideway

River Thames between Putney and Mortlake

The 2016 Women’s Boat Race has been a most dramatic event! On a day with very mixed weather, Oxford and Cambridge had a tight race in glorious Easter sunshine until the Hammersmith Bend. Then, the wind and the waves turned the sunny afternoon into a drama, with both boats sometimes completely hidden by spray, and the Cambridge boat almost sinking. But the Cambridge ladies kept calm and carried on until the finish line.

For more details, see the official Race Report by the Boat Race Company below. A crew list and captions for all the photos will follow soon.

To OUWBC and CUWBC: There is a discount on all of the photos of the 2016 Boat Race season you find on this website, valid until April 16. Please ask your presidents or contact the photographer directly.

Harald Joergens

All the photos are available for licensing, as digital copies, and as fine art prints.
Only a fraction of the photos is shown on the website. Please ask for more.
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