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Fixture CUWBC vs. OBUBC Women

The first race of the 2016 Women's Boat Race season

River Thames between Putney and Mortlake, London

After the gruelling Trial-Eights in December, the Oxford and the Cambridge squad spent the Christmas period in theit training camps in the South. Back in the UK, the Cambridge women are the first rowing again on the Tideway. Their opponent is the formidable Women's squad from Oxford Brookes Universtity.

The event is the first of two fixtures open to the media, the second is OUWBC vs. Molesey BC on . The first photos should come online in the evening of the event, on Sunday, January 31.

Harald Joergens

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  • ##Official Newton Women’s Boat Race Fixture Report


    31st Jan 2016

    Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club opened their competitive account for the year against a strong Oxford Brookes crew, in the first women’s fixture of The 2016 Cancer Research UK Boat Race season.

    Under a stormy sky and variable conditions, it was Cambridge who drew the Surrey station for the first of two pieces. Off the start the light blues, coxed by returning Blue Rosemary Ostfeld, were caught out a little by a combination of speed from Oxford Brookes and a slight decrease in the quality of the weather conditions. Brookes took a couple of seats off the start and maintained this right the way along the Putney embankment. Throughout the opening exchanges, the crews both veered off towards Middlesex, avoiding the fastest section of the river. By Fulham Football ground, Brookes had a third of a length on their light blue counterparts; they looked to have a more fluid and dynamic rhythm in the rougher water. As the two boats edged around the final section of the first bend, Cambridge had checked the Brookes move and were starting to move back. As the water flattened out past the Mile Post, it was Ostfeld’s crew who looked to have the momentum; they had regained parity as the crews approached Harrods Repository. It proved to be a decisive move from Cambridge as they then began to stretch away from Brookes, whose decision to front-load the piece was beginning to prove costly. Cambridge continued to increase their lead, finishing underneath Hammersmith Bridge a length clear of their opponents.

    The second piece began at the end of the Chiswick Eyot, with Brookes on the Surrey station. Moving out the blocks, it was hard to call a margin after the first twenty strokes as both crews battled for supremacy. Cambridge were steering a fairly aggressive line, in an attempt to minimise Brooke’s advantage on the inside. Umpire John Garrett was called into action considerably more in the second piece, as both boats veered towards each other approaching the bandstand. Despite this, there was still only a seat between Cambridge and Brookes. In contrast to the first race, it was the light blues who fared better in the choppy water past the bandstand as they began to take a hold of the race. Coming past Emanuel boathouse, Cambridge had a half-length lead over Brookes, who looked a little fatigued. As Cambridge attempted to draw clear under Barnes Bridge, the two crews clashed; the incident appeared to affect Brookes a little more, as Cambridge drew further away and had clear water ten strokes later. A short while later a boat-stopping crab put paid to any hope of a Brookes comeback, and Cambridge won the second and final piece by around three lengths.

    After a good opening victory, Cambridge will return to face further opposition in the coming weeks. The Cancer Research UK Boat Races will take place on March 27th 2016. The women will race at 3:10pm whilst the men will race an hour later at 4:10pm.

    Text with kind permission by The Boat Race Company

  • Crew list


    • Bow Ashton Brown CUWBC
    • 2 seat Zara Goozee CUWBC
    • 3 seat Alice Jackson CUWBC
    • 4 seat Fiona Macklin CUWBC
    • 5 seat Hannah Roberts CUWBC
    • 6 seat Thea Zabell CUWBC
    • 7 seat Daphne Martschenko CUWBC
    • Stroke Myriam Goudet CUWBC
    • Cox Rosemary Ostfeld CUWBC


    • Bow Grace Macdonald OBUBC
    • 2 seat Imogen Mackie OBUBC
    • 3 seat Christie Duff OBUBC
    • 4 seat Emily Herridge OBUBC
    • 5 seat Jess Brown OBUBC
    • 6 seat Danni Shrosbree OBUBC
    • 7 seat Annie Withers OBUBC
    • Stroke Susie Dear OBUBC
    • Cox Aisling Humphries OBUBC