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The Boat Race season 2015: Women's Reserve Boat Race Image Library

165 large photos of the Osiris/Blondie race, shot from Putney Embankment

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River Thames, London,

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  • About the Newton Women's Reserve Boat Race

    Crew list


    Bow: Valentina Futoryanova
    2: Evelyn Boettcher
    3: Gabriella Johansson
    4: Hannah Roberts
    5: Melissa Wilson
    6: Holly Game
    7: Isabella Vyvyan
    Stroke: Catherine Foot
    Cox: Katie Klavenes

    Bow: Caroline Greves
    2: Millie O'Driscoll
    3: Georgina Daniell
    4: Katie Davidson
    5: Luci Foote-Short
    6: Chris Heemskerk
    7: Alice Carrington-Windo
    Stroke: Amber de Vere
    Cox: Megan Wallace

    A more detailed crew list can be found here!

    Official Newton Women’s Reserve Boat Race Report

    No official race report yet!

    Text with kind permission of The Boat Race Company